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Las Vegas

Las Vegas

I wonder...

I wonder if the bloodthirsty news media is satisfied yet. Do you think they're done stoking racial tension with incomplete facts and down right false reporting?

I don't know about you, but for me, the argument of race is dead and gone. I'm a white guy and I've met plenty of people from other racial backgrounds that I'd love to have as my neighbors--black, brown, whatever. And I've met plenty of white folk who I wouldn't want anywhere near my home. It's not about skin color, it's about the color of a person's heart. Is it red, white and blue? Or is it as dark as coal?

I wonder if they have enough video from the motorcades and funerals of police officers to quench their hunger. They don't feel the numbness. I think they feel excited. I think they like the drama and raw feelings exposed for the camera to see.

I don't think they understand what it means to live a life of service. I think they're too caught up in trying to make it big to know what it's like to serve. For many of us, the joy of serving is being overshadowed by the garbage we must endure to serve. Twitter, YouTube and Facebook have made everyone an expert in law and policing, just ask them.

They mustn't understand how horrible it is to have the names of friends chiseled in stone on the wall at the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Of course, the naysayers will say when cops use deadly force, it wasn't necessary. Attend a police academy and work a year or two on the streets and see what you think then. There's a stark difference between the cops who died and the others--the cops were serving and had no selfish motive; the others were resisting and had no selfless motive.

Is it possible the news media knows what it's like to face a deadly threat? Or is that just another opportunity to record the darkness of society and maybe grab a little slice of fame? When the newsman leaves for work, how many times has his wife feared she might not see him again?

So-called news reporting in society today has become something altogether different. It's a sporting event. It's about being first on a scoop. It's about winning viewership. It's about selling airtime. It's about controlling a message to get people to keep tuning in, truth be damned.

I look back over these words and it seems like politicians would fit in there just the same. Except the politicians like to take center stage when a cop dies and give a speech written by someone else about virtue and service and faith--some things they actually know little about.

It seems today, the cops are the ones who know about serving, and the politicians only want to be served.

Do any of them think the families or the cops really give a damn about what comes out of that side of their mouth when the other side has torn the cops down for so long?

One side of their mouth rallies the anti-police crowd saying we make too much money and our pensions need to be taken away. But it would only be to ease their budgets and continue paying back campaign contributors with quid pro quo deals. The other side of their mouth says in a much softer tone and with a twinkle in their eye, "You couldn't pay me enough to do that job." Which one is it?

The cops that turned their backs on the politicians symbolize all of us that bleed blue. You wanted change, America? I guess this is one way of getting it. Be careful what you ask for, because once the people that bleed blue stop caring, the darkness of the world will have no keepers.

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