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Las Vegas

Las Vegas

From Handcuffs to Keystrokes; My Journey to Becoming a Writer

Have you ever wanted to be a writer? If you're like I was before 2008, your answer is no. From childhood forward, the only thing I wanted to do with my life was to be a policeman. But I already told you some of that story in a previous post. I never wanted to be a writer; I didn't even read books much unless I had to for school or something. I have always just wanted to be a cop. And for those of you who are cops, you might get a little bored with this post unless you're interested in writing. But stick around, there's an announcement I'd like you to know about.

In 2008, I had been a police officer in Las Vegas for sixteen years, nine of those as a detective. I was working as a detective in a unit called the Repeat Offender Program. We deal with the worst criminals Las Vegas has to offer. I led an investigation into the most prolific criminal I had ever encountered, Daimon Monroe. The investigation led to the recovery of several millions in stolen property, and the seizure of several hundreds of thousands of dollars in bank accounts. Information also came to light showing that Monroe had sexually abused his daughters. Many unpredictable things that happened during the investigation, including the shocking discovery that Monroe was trying to have me, a judge and a prosecutor murdered. No cop I know had ever seen anything like it.

The Silent Killer

This post is dedicated to those who have served on a war front in our military and to first-responders everywhere. Your willingness to confront danger and place yourself in harm's way is remarkable and all too often, thankless. You are the backbone of society and my hat is off to you.

The Silent Killer. That name has been attached to a variety of things over the years: high blood pressure, carbon monoxide, ovarian cancer, hepatitis C, the list goes on. For me, I've added one and it may just be the one that rises to the top. Stick with me for a moment and I think you might agree.

Be Careful What You Ask For

I've written a lot of posts about policing in America recently, I guess that's to be expected from a lifelong cop. I really wanted my next post to be about writing and publishing, but it's going to have to wait. Besides, timing is everything, as they say, right? There's something coming soon that I'm excited to tell you about, but it's not time yet.

With that said, there's still quite a bit of turmoil about law enforcement and the use of deadly force. It's amazing how this has become such a hot button issue. I'm not downplaying the seriousness of the highly publicized events in the past several months, but police officers using deadly force isn't anything new. Accidental deaths involving the police also, aren't anything new. Every one of them is tragic with real people being affected, including the police involved.

Living the Dream?

A boy learned at a young age what he would do with his life. Almost like it chose him. It wasn't wanting, it was inevitable. Nobody could ever stop him from achieving his dream to become a policeman.

His dream wasn't fueled by playground bullies or some desire to wield power upon the weak. No, it was fueled by a keen sense of justice, not in the courtroom where legal scholars have exterminated real justice, but in the simple measure of wanting to be a barrier between people doing wrong to others.

Those who protect the flock from the wolves have existed for centuries. It's a solemn business that brings no accolades. When the job is done well, that's just normal and expected. Go away, pig. But make a mistake or worse, commit some intentional wrong, and the forgiveness others want for themselves is rarer than air in the vacuum of space.