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Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Living the Dream?

A boy learned at a young age what he would do with his life. Almost like it chose him. It wasn't wanting, it was inevitable. Nobody could ever stop him from achieving his dream to become a policeman.

His dream wasn't fueled by playground bullies or some desire to wield power upon the weak. No, it was fueled by a keen sense of justice, not in the courtroom where legal scholars have exterminated real justice, but in the simple measure of wanting to be a barrier between people doing wrong to others.

Those who protect the flock from the wolves have existed for centuries. It's a solemn business that brings no accolades. When the job is done well, that's just normal and expected. Go away, pig. But make a mistake or worse, commit some intentional wrong, and the forgiveness others want for themselves is rarer than air in the vacuum of space.

Nevertheless, the keepers of the peace know the troubles and scrutiny they face all too well. They go back for more every single day. It's either insanity or true love for their fellow man.

The policeman doesn't look for pats on the back or any sort of thanks from the public. Most cops think it's actually quite embarrassing to be recognized for doing a good job. They'd rather see a stranger help subdue a criminal when he's one-on-one with him, or stand up for the police when the anti-cop zealots bang their drums. After all, the police are a symbol of what we want in our communities...peace and safety.

Instead of the pats on the back that embarrass him, it's spit in the face or words cursed that shouldn't leave the mouths of people who consider themselves reasonable. The woman in this picture has no understanding of who that officer is or how many people he has helped. She's another example of someone that should never attempt to raise children.

For far too long, we've let the news media write the narrative of too many things in our country. We've let them pump garbage into our homes through televisions and so-called newspapers. There are so few left who report facts without slant and sensationalism. They push stories by selling untruth or half-truth with a spin.

There are cops who have done horrible things and there will be more. But they do not represent me. I do not defend them. I will be first in line to expose them if it comes into my view. I have a personal stake in my peers doing right--if they do wrong, I have to carry their reputations as a stain on my own.

The news media and agenda-driven politicians have led a frenzy across our land that has resulted in the deaths of police officers who served their communities well. They made it seem that the bad actions of the very few represent the actions of the many. But I'm sensing on many social media outlets, an outpouring of support for the protectors of our communities. I'm starting to think they've awoken the sleeping giant of the silent majority in our country.

But we've still got the keyboard warriors on the Internet who hide behind fake names and identities on social media while they talk out in the open about killing cops. Sometimes, they get so hyped up they act out with extreme prejudice.

I almost didn't put the picture of Jerad and Amanda Miller up on this blog, because frankly, in many ways, they're better off forgotten. But we can't forget them. We can't forget the families they ripped apart when they murdered Las Vegas Police Officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo. We can't forget the amazing men who sacrificed their lives in the name of service. We can't forget that there are more of the Millers out there. But we can be thankful they never had children and they're both in a place they deserve right now.

Nicole Beck, Alyn’s wife, is an amazing woman who has forged forward through the grimmest of tragedies to raise her children without Alyn. She sometimes calls herself a widow, but I still think of her as the wife of murdered officer Alyn Beck. She's an inspiring woman.

After the terrorist attacks of 9-11, there were a few short-lived months of solidarity in America. But the politicians couldn't have that--it threatened their ability to keep their hands on the steering wheel of power. It made the distractions go away and people saw the politicians for who they were. Aided by a news media hungry for anything, they began their tactics of dividing us into groups and pitting us against each other.

Sad to say, this is another prime example. Right now, they want Cops vs The People at the top of the card in the Main Event. Make the cops monsters and chaos follows. Then the real monsters can burn it all down while the politicians rebuild things in their own image, not that which the framers of our country envisioned. They will take political advantage of any crisis, just like they've always said they would. It's right out of the playbook for community organizers and their messiahs, Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers.

What does it mean when the leaders of our country send White House officials to the funeral of a criminal, but don't attend the funeral of Army Major General Harold Greene, the only Two-Star General to have been killed in combat since Vietnam?

Have you had enough of it yet, America? Can you pull your mind away from the boob-tube long enough to see reality? I think you can. You're being fed something on purpose. This is the change they've been promising.

Know this: the police do not represent the politicians, we represent the people of our communities. We represent right and wrong. We are bound by an oath and a love of a moral code. Our allegiance is to the people we serve. Sometimes we have to write tickets. Other times people go to jail. But those things are all precipitated by someone doing something they knew they shouldn't. Yes, sometimes we get it wrong, we're human just like you. But we get it right so much more often that it's shocks the public when we don't.

Stop letting the politicians, news hacks, agenda-driven people and conspiracy theory propagators define how the world looks. Support your local police and let's figure out together how to take our country back.

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