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Las Vegas

Repeat Offender Release Date, Book Cover Voting & Book Giveaway

Daimon Monroe
As many of you know, I've been writing REPEAT OFFENDER, a Las Vegas true-crime story. In short, the story is about an investigation I led into Sin City’s most prolific career criminal, Daimon Monroe. It involved millions in stolen property, revolting sex crimes and murder-for-hire when Monroe tried to hire someone to kill me, a judge and a prosecutor.

I'm pleased to announce WildBlue Press is releasing REPEAT OFFENDER on April 14th, 2015. You can pre-order yours for Kindle from WildBlue Press through Amazon right here at this link. It will be available for pre-order in other formats and print soon. Take advantage of the pre-order pricing while you can!

Right now and for only a few days, WildBlue Press is testing five cover images for the book and I would like your vote. Go to this book cover vote link here to let us know what you think. You might win one of twenty free copies of the book from WildBlue Press!

"Amazing." "Unbelievable." "Can't make this stuff up!" That's what you'll say when you're done reading REPEAT OFFENDER, the craziest true-crime thriller to come out of Las Vegas. Told by the detective who lead the pursuit of Sin City's most prolific criminal. You won't look at crime the same way again.

From the book: “On a more personal level, Daimon introduced fear into my family, a new kind of uncertainty born from the plot to kill me. It changed how my kids think about the world; it changed how my wife thinks about our safety. It challenged me in ways I had never been before and haven’t been since. Even now, the first thought with any unexpected knock at our door is expectance of danger. I've considered leaving Las Vegas when I retire and taking further steps to become anonymous, but that’s a rabbit hole with no end. Security won’t come from those things. It will only come from knowing who lays out my path. Daimon Monroe came home with me in September of 2006 and hasn’t left my house yet. But that doesn't make him the architect of my future.”

Note from the author: "I'd be most thankful if you'd help spread the word. Share this post, like my Facebook Author page and the Repeat Offender Facebook page, email your friends and follow me on Twitter @CrimeAuthor! My purpose in writing anything is to tell stories that make a difference in people's lives. Stories of destruction, struggle, challenging circumstances, and ultimately, rising to the challenge, overcoming, success and redemption."

"If you like mayhem, madness, and suspense, Repeat Offender is the book to read. It’s a provocative journey into a world one rarely uncovers, with shocking twists and turns that will keep you riveted!”—Aphrodite Jones, New York Times bestselling author of CRUEL SACRIFICE and host of True Crime with Aphrodite Jones on the Investigation Discovery Network

“This will be the ride-along of your life. Repeat Offender takes you here, there and everywhere into the world of repeat offenders, cops, justice and injustice. The ultimate detective, Bradley Nickell, expertly takes you through it all with brilliance and dedication. The shocking conclusion helps the reader understand everything about the system all at once. Fasten your seat belts!”—Anne Bremner, high-profile attorney and internationally recognized television legal analyst

"An action-packed, fast-paced true crime thriller from a real-life ‘Sin City’ cop depicting his battle with a notorious, and dangerous, Las Vegas criminal.”—Steve Jackson, New York Times bestselling author of BOGEYMAN and MONSTER.

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