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South Carolina and Walter Scott

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Now on to the post...

I'd like to republish something I wrote on Facebook. It has to do with the killing of Walter Scott by a police officer in South Carolina. I remind you, I'm a cop with twenty-eight years of experience. I'm a cop that still can't believe what I saw on the video. I'm not going to re-post the video here, I don't want to keep seeing or passing something so horrific around. I wish I had a video I could share of Mr. Scott playing with his kids or something that would serve as a positive reminder of him.

Perhaps the police department in South Carolina should have given Mr. Scott a memorial service with honors. It wouldn't have erased the need for justice, but it could have been something that starts to bring a community together. Humility has amazing power if it's true. Maybe it could spread across our entire nation.

This post expresses my deepest feelings about what happened. Thank you for reading and understand something: 99% of the cops out there think just like me.

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to dispel the myth of this so-called "thin blue line" we always hear so much about. I won't completely eliminate it here, because it does exist, just not how the average person thinks. Here goes...

Walter Scott
The former police officer in South Carolina who shot unarmed and fleeing Walter Scott, deserves whatever he has coming to him--and then some. He didn't make a mistake, he didn't overreact. No, he killed another man in cold blood, slaughtered him like he was some animal in a slaughterhouse.

My stomach turns and my heart aches for Mr. Scott's family. Some have tried to discredit him and bring up his past. Some talk about what kind of person he was and how he wasn't the model citizen. Frankly, none of that matters here.

Yeah, Mr. Scott may have struggled with the officer, and he surely tried to run away. It does not in any way, shape or form, justify the use of deadly force. Period.

We're trained and experienced enough to know waiting for all the facts to come forward is the only way to view a situation objectively. However, I cannot imagine anything that would justify what I and everyone else have painstakingly watched on the video. I don't think I'm going out on a limb here.

I watch the video and still can't believe it's true. Someone please say, "April Fools."

And if anyone else who wears a badge and straps on a gun every day thinks I'm speaking out of place, stow it, you're wrong. Those of us who care about people, cannot remain silent as if this doesn't somehow touch our own lives. I will not stand silent. Mr. Scott, for all of his wrongs, still deserves better than that. The people we serve deserve better than that. If you disagree, you're not a servant.

It raises serious concerns for me, a man who has been in policing for well over two decades. I've never seen such a thing before and have always known my peers to be reasonable. We're accountable to each other and I know I would never lie or cover up for another, nor have I ever been asked to. And yes, we are accountable to the people we serve!

I'm confident and I pray this heinous crime is some kind of bizarre anomaly. I know many other examples people have brought up are not what happened here, but it still brings doubt to my mind. If this has happened with any kind of frequency, my profession is not what I thought it was. Either way, if it's one or more than one, I hang my head in disgust. The stain from this on my own badge won't polish off so easily. We all have to carry the burden now, like it or not.

This blue line people speak of does exist. But it's not some secret pledge where cops lie for each other. No, it's a pledge that when things go bad, and people are in danger, we will stick together, no matter how scared we might be, and move towards the danger until every last person is safe. That's the blue line I stand on. This other blue line I hear people speak of, the one created by Hollywood, doesn't exist. If it did, I would have seen it by now and I would do all I can to expose it.

From me to you, know that my oath is sacred to me. Know that I am sorry Mr. Scott was killed by someone who pretended to be like me. May God bring peace to his family.

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